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Dear Members

 It is at this time of the year that we start preparing for the AGM and Annual Awards which is usually held towards the end of March or early April. As this is unfortunately an exceptional year, we will not be able to hold the event. The committee have discussed alternatives and to ensure all members are given the opportunity to be included, we have decided the following:

1. The AGM will not be held in March/April, but a social event will be held later in the year when restrictions are lifted.

2. The Treasurer will email the Accounts for 2020 to members who have internet access and send hard copies to those who do not have this access.

3. Reports by the Officers on the committee for the Year 2020 will be printed in the next edition of ‘The Boater ‘(issue 141).

4. The 2nd year of the three-year tenure of officers in 2020 will be rolled over to 2021.
This includes the:
Commodore - Patrick Prince
Vice Commodore - David Lister
Rear Commodore - Jane Percival
Treasurer - Peter Scrutton
Hon Secretary - Theresa Scrutton
Membership Secretaries - Peter and Theresa Scrutton (joint)

5. The rest of the committee are also happy to continue for another year. This includes:
John Llewellyn - President (please see 6.2 of the Constitution)
Mike Phillips – Webmaster, Archivist, Deputy Editor of ‘The Boater’
Pam Chart
Phillip Chart
David Knight
Hannah Bramwell

Jane Percival will continue to be the Editor of ‘The Boater’.

6. As per the Constitution, the Committee of Management shall consist of nine Full Members. This is in addition to the officer members of the Committee stated in (4.) above.

There are therefore vacancies for four more members to complete the committee of management. If you would like to be co-opted onto our team, please contact me.

 Theresa Scrutton
Hon Secretary
honsec@thamesvintageboatclub.com .

A Tribute to Robin Newlands
President of the Thames Vintage Boat Club

 As most of you will know, our Club Founder and long-standing President Robin Newlands passed away recently.
He will be sorely missed. In fact, if it weren’t for Robin, it is unlikely that the TVBC would exist today.
Late in 1983 Paul Skerritt, who was involved with the Vintage Motorboat Club of Great Britain, called at Robin Newland's house to suggest the setting up of a Thames branch. But Robin, who had collected the names and addresses of 80 or 90 traditional boats for the Thames Traditional Boat Rally, was determined that any new club should be a Thames club in its own right. The inauguration meeting was on December 30 1983, and at the second meeting on January 20, 1984, Robin was designated Commodore, a position he held for many years before moving up to President of the club at the behest of the Membership, a position he has held up to the present.
The first ever boat to join the TVBC was in fact Robin’s launch “Wise Folly”, designated TVET 01. Happily she has recently been beautifully restored by Michael Dennett, and will be with us for many years, as a reminder of her former owner.
Robin’s quiet presence, guidance, and wise suggestions have been a feature of our club’s Committee meetings for the entire life of the club so far. Let it be said he has kept us all on course and has paid a huge part in creating the TVBC that we find today. From the beginning he was dedicated in particular to the first of the Aims of the Club: “Encourage the restoration and preservation of vintage craft” as well as the other aims. Let us honour him by keeping that aim alive, as members of the Thames Vintage Boat Club. And as a final note, many of us will miss him greatly, simply as a warm friend.


       The Thames Vintage Boat Club

AGM Minutes 2019

Venue:    Thames Court, Shepperton

                                                                Date:     Saturday 23rd March 2019



The AGM commenced at 4.01pm after a buffet lunch.



Steve Bil, Dilly Bil, Bob Bossine, Philip Bramwell, Pam Chart, Phillip Chart, David Cherrett, Brian Cox, David Driver, Margaret Driver,  Carol Haler, Christine Hilton, Paul Hopley, Jim Jackson, David Knight, Alain Lamens, Evelyn Lewis, John Llewellyn, Jeannine Llewellyn, Paul McCarthy, Adrian Mettem, Christine Mettem, Gillian Nahum, Liz Newlands, Robin Newlands, Michael Nowak, Jane Percival, Alex Phillips, Amanda Phillips, Mike Phillips, Moira Phillips, Catherine Pickin, Patrick Prince, Alison Pritchard, Carol Reed, Martin Reed,  Peter Scrutton, Theresa Scrutton, Brian Smethurst, Carolyn Smethurst, Malcolm Thomas, Sheila Thomas, Ed White, Heather White, Chris Wickham, Ros Wickham

Apologies received

Charlie Bil, Roger Boyland, Guy Gilks, Terry Blake, Pauline Blake, Janet Goodhead, Tony Goodhead, Barton Guthrie, Peter Harris, Sue Harris, Bill Hewitt, Magg Hewitt, Malcolm Jones, David Lister, Janine Marshall, Richard Prunier, Elaine Prunier


On behalf of the Committee Theresa welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Some members had travelled quite a distance attend, notably Ed and Heather White from Herefordshire and Brian and Carolyn Smethurst from Wales. 

Minutes of the 2018 AGM


The minutes of the 2018 AGM held on Friday 23rd March 2018 at Thames Court Shepperton were approved by the members present at the 2019 AGM by a show of hands.



Commodore’s Report


Jane welcomed everyone and commented on the record number attending the meeting. The lunch prior to the meeting in the pleasant environment of Thames Court which is accessible to many members had contributed to the turnout.


Jane began by advising that Gillian Nahum had just given her information about a rally being planned for Thames boats to go across to France. She continued by mentioning the charity Momentum that the club had supported in 2018 and encouraged the attendees to dig deep into their pockets for the charity’s green collection bucket that was on display.


Jane has now come to the end of her second three-year term as Commodore (the first time was in 2005). She then went full circle through the nine cycle of Rear Commodore and Vice Commodore to become Commodore again in 2016.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been Commodore to what has become a big and popular club, a club that she is very passionate about.  She thanked the Committee – everything the Committee does is for the membership and to further the Thames Vintage Boat Club. They all work very hard on the behalf of the members.  Jane thanked Theresa for keeping the members informed through the emails she sends out. She also thanked Peter for looking after the finances of the club; the club is in great shape and we are careful with everyone’s subscriptions to avoid wasting money. We are able amongst other things to subsidise mooring fees for rallies; not everyone is able to take advantage of this because they live too far away but unfortunately that is the nature of the club because we are more or less Thames based.  


Jane had done some research to find out if the club is now one of the biggest classic boat clubs in Europe, taking into account its data base.  Active membership at the present time is 214 active members paying subs, boat owners, previous boat owners and Associate members and that numbers stays mainly constant so as people give up boating for whatever reason they are replaced by new people coming into the TVBC.  The plaque works wonders on the boat – new owners often apply to because of it. This enables us to maintain the historic database which is part of our Constitution.


Unfortunately, this year has seen quite a few show cancellations, notably London Boat Show and Beale Park.  Jane tried very hard to get an informal rally on Beale Park lake, but the trustees were not able to accommodate. The Thames Heritage Museum at Beale Park is also unlikely to go ahead unless another venue can be found; that’s a great pity as it would have provided a perfect home for our archive of photos of Thames boats and the articles that John Llewellyn has written over the years about 33 different boat yards. We thought about having an informal rally on the bank outside Beale Park just to try and keep some presence, but the bankside is not being maintained so it would not really be a great place to stage a rally. We will have a cruise upriver after the Trad Festival like we always used to do.


Beaulieu Boat Jumble has also been cancelled for the first time in 35 years. Jane could see the writing on the wall during her visit to this event last year when it was half the size it used to be. There was a lack of traders purchasing selling space and a lack of public interest – it had gone frombeing a traditional boat jumble to a modern shoe shop as there was very little traditional jumble there. In stark comparison, Jane pointed out that most of the fittings for ‘Mimosa’ came from Beaulieu 25 years’ ago.


With so many cancellations this year, the Traditional Boat Festival should therefore be absolutely buzzing.  Jane encouraged everyone to register their boats as soon as possible for the event. She will be there in the commentary box and on the TVBC stand.  Jane will be sending out a request for help with setting up the TVBC stand and dismantling it afterwards.


There have been a couple of things that have been important to Jane during her time as Commodore. Firstly, raising money for Momentum, the charity for children with life limiting illnesses, whose narrowboat is moored at Shepperton Marina. Secondly, The Boater is a lot thicker than it used to be because of the number of articles that are being submitted.  Jane hopes that everyone enjoys reading it.  She has a lot of fun putting it together. Mike Phillips produces the magazine from the content she gives him; this month Jane has received lots of articles from the members about the restorations and trips on their boats which make very interesting reading.  Jane welcomed emails of suggestions for articles.


Jane does a lot of talks about keeping our heritage alive. Besides promoting the aims of the Thames Vintage Boat Club, she gives talks about the restoration of specific classic boats to give the audience an insight into the money and commitment that it takes to save them. She also gives talks about what it is like to be a member of the ADLS and do a return across the Channel – she has some stunning photos to illustrate her talk, taken by the navy during the last Channel crossing trip. 


Jane is very proud of the success of our club.  As clubs dissolve, she has noticed that some of their members, notably from the Broads, have joined the TVBC especially in the last couple of years. Our membership is spreading far and wide.  Over the last three years we have had fifty new members join.


Jane concluded by requesting that members keep in touch with her with regard to The Boater, 

and conveyed her best wishes to Patrick who was taking over from her as Commodore.


Jane Percival


Honorary Secretary ’s Report


The final version of the TVBC calendar for 2019 has been emailed to the members. I then showed everyone the Father Thames trophy which was awarded to the TVBC for having the most members attending the ATYC Dinner and Dance at Bisham Abbey the previous Saturday. It was the first time the club had won this award. 

All three rallies, Hurley, Boveney and Cookham, have been booked for 2019. The contact details for the organisers of these events are in the Calendar if further information is required. Patrick is organising Hurley, Mike is organising Boveney and Cookham this year.  The ATYC rally to West India Dock is in the same August Bank Holiday weekend as the Cookham rally so members will have a choice of two events that weekend. ‘Lucy Ann’ will be going to the ATYC rally and we are hoping that a small flotilla of TVBC boats will accompany her to the event.

Tony Goodhead has kindly agreed to give a talk on Thursday 1st November at ‘The Bells’ in Staines about circumnavigating Great Britain in ‘St. Joan’ last year to raise funds for the RNLI and RAF 100 Charities.  It promises to be a very interesting talk. By popular request, we will be again sharing our Christmas Party with Richmond Yacht Club at their clubhouse on Eel Pie Island.

During last year’s AGM there was a discussion about proximity of venues to where our members live. Immediately after the AGM Peter created a heat map from the club’s database to illustrate where our members are sited along the Thames and elsewhere which was emailed out to everyone. The Chertsey-Shepperton area is right in the middle and it clearly shows a large cluster of members in this stretch of the Thames. We will, however, continue to explore and consider new venues to ring the changes.  We’ve just visited Bisham Abbey – we wanted Bisham Abbey for our own fitting out supper this year, but it seemed more practical to combine it with the ATYC dinner and dance.  We are also considering the Upper Thames Sailing Club for a function; this venue is currently undergoing refurbishment and we will visit it when the work has been completed.

Theresa Scrutton

Honorary Treasurer’s Report


Peter reported that the club made a loss of £1097.10 in 2018, the first year for several years that we have not had a surplus. The reasons for this are as follows:


1) The cost of printing The Boater has increased in 2018 compared to 2017.  In 2017 the cost of

two editions were recorded in the accounts, in 2018 there were four editions. The cost per edition has also increased a little due to the magazine being increased in size from 40 pages to 56. The larger size has also increased the postage cost.


2) Expenses were incurred to make changes to the Website database to enable the club

to comply with the GDPR regulations introduced in 2018. These changes were carried out very efficiently by Leon Phillips and at very reasonable cost.


3) The Annual dinner at The Runnymede Hotel was not well attended. The minimum number that the hotel will accept is 50 which, despite valiant efforts by the Secretary, we failed to achieve. Most quality venues place a minimum number of attendees on these sorts of events. Therefore, in addition to the £500 booking fee which we had to pay, we also had to pay for several places that were not taken up and therefore a significant loss was incurred.


It seems that the members are not very interested in attending these events as it has

become increasingly difficult to get anywhere near the minimum number required.

For that reason, and having considered Bisham Abbey ourselves for a club dinner this year, we encouraged members to attend the ATYC dinner at Bisham Abbey which requires a minimum of 80 people. 23 members including two from Greece attended. Unless there is a genuine demand, it is unlikely that we will reintroduce our own annual dinner as we cannot justify continuing to subsidise a loss‐making event every year for relatively few members.


Most subscriptions for this year have now been paid. Peter advised the few attending the AGM who have not yet paid that they could do so during the afternoon.  He also said that paying by Standing Order is easier for the member, and for the Treasurer to process.  Standing Order forms can be downloaded from the website or obtained by emailing the Secretary.


Peter Scrutton

Membership Secretary’s Report


I began my report by referring to four letters – ‘GDPR’ - the General Data Protection Regulation. The deadline date for ensuring the club was fully compliant with GDPR was Friday 25th May 2018. We were mostly compliant before this date and it was just a case of completing some paperwork to show precisely how we store our members’ data and what we do with it. We’ve always been security conscious about our members’ personal details thanks to our Webmaster Mike Phillips who long ago set up safeguards to ensure no one can access these details.  To comply with GDPR we basically had to state our Data Protection Policy. We also had to ensure that all the members signed a consent form to say they agreed to us storing their data, and give or not give permission to use their photos in our magazine and on the website or in any promotional material, and to be named as the owner of their boat in the Boat Database.  There were also Child Protection issues to address. By 25th May we had received back signed forms from nearly all our members. The Affiliated members, mostly boatbuilders, were virtually the only ones left on the ‘chasing list’. The boat database has been updated by Mike so only the owner’s membership number is displayed at the top of the boat’s page. The name of the owner is only stated in the ‘Boat History’ section lower down the boat’s page if the owner has given permission.


Peter has now created an online application form which includes all the permission options that the new members can give. This has streamlined the application process and made it less labour intensive for processing the applications of new members.  Mike has included a field on each member’s page that we tick to show that members have given their permission for us to use photos of them and their family.


Members can change their mind and rescind or give their permission to the club at any time.  Obviously, this can’t be done retrospectively if a photo of them is already printed in The Boater. We will not send out a renewal consent form to be signed each year – that would be a very time-consuming and expensive process.  I will send an annual reminder to everyone to advise that they have the right to change their minds at any time about how we use their data.  Obviously, we need to store members’ contact details so they can receive the magazine and emails.   

At some point in the future we hope to allow the general public access to just the boat database so they can view all our lovely boats; at the moment, it is a closed shop so only TVBC members can look at each other’s boats. If you don’t know how to do so, please email me and I will let you know how to do that. I will be sending out a message to members to check their boat page; they won’t be able to edit it them-selves, we will do that for them if they email me the amendments or further details. The more details about the boats, the better, and a good quality photo, to make the database interesting to explore.  


Since March 2018 a good many new boats and members have joined, and since the introduction of the online application form, we are now getting more frequent applications. I’ve got two that came through this week I’ve not yet processed, and I’m waiting for one Associate and one Full member to complete their applications.  


Statistics, since March 2018, under the following categories:

New boat and new member; 12 boats

Boat already on the database – new human member: 3

New Associate members: 3

Existing member with new 2nd boat: 1


Two new categories have arisen:

Existing member has bought existing TVBC boat: 1

Upgrading from Associate to Full member: 1

Returning member (due to Jane): 1


Theresa Scrutton


Webmaster’s report

Mike began by suggesting that commentaries prepared by TVBC skippers for the Trad Festival could be sent to Theresa to update their boat’s details in the database.

He then revealed something ‘vey secret’, the login and password to access the Boat database, that all members are entitled to know, to make life easier for the Hon Secretary. (Eventually just this part of the database will be accessible to everyone to view the boats, without the need for a password). All lower case, the login is &&&&, the password is &&&&. We don’t put these details in the Boater because the magazine goes on sale in various places such as the Trad Festival.

Mike then reminded everyone about the club’s Facebook page and encouraged them to have a look and join. A couple of new members have just been recruited via the Facebook page. It is a private page, so Mike has to ‘OK’ anyone signing up for it. Members of the page post interesting features – there are already lots of interesting postings to scroll through. 

In response to a question about what the criteria is for what is posted on the Facebook page, Mike replied that there are some instructions on the page which tell you what you can and what you can’t post, but basically anything to do with vintage boats, anything that would interest the members in the club such as adventures with the boat and advice on renovation. You can ask questions, it would be good to have some technical questions now and again as there are a number of boat builders who subscribe to the site, they may give some advice.  In response to another query, Mike confirmed that the Facebook page is not restricted to the UK and that he has people contributing who live in Australia, USA, ‘all over the world actually’. He checks them out by looking at their own Facebook pages to ensure they are genuinely interested in vintage and classic boats and likely to contribute. It would be nice to have the majority of TVBC members on board.

On the website there’s general updating going on.  You can access Peter’s joining page on the www.thamesvintageboatclub.com website via a link. If you come across anyone who wants to join the club, please refer them to the website.  The scrolling banner at the top is very pretty but is about 10 years’ old and needs updating.  Mike promises to put ‘Lady Evelyn II’’s photo on the web page. The photo archive needs updating.  There is a very large collection of Mike’s photographs going back to before the year 2000, between 8,000-10,000 photos of TVBC boats and other vintage and classic boats – Mike is going to get some outside help to update this collection and turn it into a workable database.  Organising these photos which are referenced at the moment just by numbers, will mean that we will be able to find a specific boat and all the photos taken of her in a specific year.  

There are probably about 50 boats on the database that don’t yet have photos on their pages.  When a new boat joins, Peter puts her photo on her page, but these boats who signed up in the past. One of the purposes of the club, stated on the back page of the Boater, is to keep a register of boats.  It doesn’t specifically say TVBC boats so you will find on the Boat database a very wide collection of different boats. 

Mike requested that when photos are sent in to please make sure they are high resolution; as we use these photos for the Boater magazine, they need to be high quality. If the photo is taken on an iPhone, please send a full-size version. Mike can receive anything up to 10MB.

Mike reiterated what the Membership Secretary had said that we do need members to update their boat’s entry in the Boat database. As Deputy Editor of The Boater, he also said that the magazine has been made as fat as possible and now contains 60 pages; he hoped that everyone was enjoying it. Mike looks after the layout within the magazine. the photos and the printing; he is dedicated to using the very best quality photographs in the magazine. He requested that members keep sending in articles to Jane, our fantastic Editor who does a huge amount for every issue, it is better to have too much than too little.

Mike concluded by acknowledging the work that Committee puts into running the club, including the Hon Secretary’s input.   

Mike Phillips

There then followed the formal election of the 2019 Committee. Per the Constitution, having been nominated and seconded before the meeting, this was done by a show of hands for each officer and member. 

Jane has agreed to be Rear Commodore for a year.  If anyone is co-opted onto the committee during the year, they have the opportunity of taking on this role in 2020. 


Election of Flag Officers and Committee


PRESIDENT: Robin Newlands (founder member of The Thames Vintage Boat Club)


The following were elected for the 2019 committee having been approved by the floor during the AGM.


EX OFFICIO MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE – 1st year of three-year cycle



Proposed by

Seconded by


Patrick Prince

Pam Chart

Peter Scrutton


David Lister MBE

Jane Percival

Adrian Mettem


Standing in for one year

Jane Percival

Unanimously agreed by the floor during

the AGM as no-one is currently available

to take on this role.


Theresa Scrutton

David Lister MBE

David Knight


Peter Scrutton

David Knight

Adrian Mettem



Theresa Scrutton

Peter Scrutton

John Llewellyn

Adrian Mettem


THE COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT (all re-elected at the AGM):  

Pam Chart, Phillip Chart, David Knight, John Llewellyn, Jane Percival (Boater Editor),

Mike Phillips (Webmaster, Deputy Editor and Archivist)



Proposed by

Seconded by


Boater Deputy Editor


Mike Phillips

Theresa Scrutton

Jane Percival

Boater Editor

Jane Percival

Pam Chart

Phillip Chart


Pam Chart

Jane Percival

Adrian Mettem


Phillip Chart

David Lister MBE

David Knight


John Llewellyn

Pam Chart

Patrick Prince


David Knight

Theresa Scrutton

Jane Percival

Per the Constitution, there are 3 vacant spaces on the Committee – it’s not too late

 to volunteer to come on the committee as a co-opted member.  


Adrian Mettem has had to step down from the committee.  We thanked Adrian for his contribution over the past two years and hoped that he would continue to assist with sourcing the new plaques. Everyone gave Adrian a big round of applause.


We have some vacant spaces on the committee so if anyone would like to be co-opted on or

nominate anybody, although the deadline has now passed, please let the committee know. It’s not too late to join us.  


Patrick then received the Commodore’s flag from Jane.  Patrick gave Theresa his Vice commodore flag to give to David Lister who was unable to attend the AGM. Jane already has the Rear Commodore flag.


There was no AOB as no-one had submitted items to the Hon Secretary 14 days before the date

of the AGM.


Patrick then made his first speech as the new Commodore of the Thames Vintage Boat Club.


The new Commodore’s speech

Patrick joined the TVBC in the summer of 2000 as an Associate member, having restored a boat with a substantial quantity of that old boating swear word ‘marine ply’ in it. He would probably have laughed if someone had said then that he would have the honour of being Commodore of this club. About four years’ later, Patrick was asked if he would like to join the committee to which he replied that he was only an Associate member. The then Commodore, Grant Kinnaird, said, ‘No you’re not, you’re a Full member’ which was news to Patrick.


Patrick clearly remembers the pride and pleasure he felt 6 years’ ago when he was asked to be Rear Commodore by fellow committee members that he had come to respect and admire enormously. So, having ‘staggered up the ladder of seniority’ here he is, about to step into the boots vacated by Jane. Patrick has a great challenge ahead of him to step up to the mark set by Jane’s hard work and dedication coupled with her natural organisation capabilities. Supported by the committee, the club will continue to be run in the manner to which it has become accustomed.


Patrick started ‘mucking about with boats’ when he was a teenager. He joined 2nd Kingston Sea Scouts where he learnt to row, canoe and sail and tie knots. For 16 years he was a chef in the Air Force, then after demobilisation he joined Air Canada. He found himself ‘odd-jobbing’ in Nicholl’s boat yard for Ian McDougall and met Mark Stanley who was also operating there, who advised Patrick when he was restoring his boat. Patrick then started cruising with the Dunkirk Little Ships, crewing for Raymond Baxter on ‘L’Orage’ and in more recent times he has been crewing on ‘Janthea’.   


About thirty years’ ago, Patrick was adopted by ‘Miss Coquette’; the plan was to restore her over 8 years, and she has given Patrick 20 years’ of boating pleasure. Patrick signed her up for the Trad Boat rally and was encouraged to enter her for the Freebody trophy which he won. 


Patrick is looking forward to working with Jane, David as Vice, Theresa and Peter, John Llewellyn, David Knight, Pam and Phillip, and taking this fabulous club and beautiful boats forward on our long voyage of restoration, preservation and enjoyment.


Patrick Prince



The Annual Awards were then presented.


The Tony Saunders Attendance Trophy for 2018 - Jim Jackson and Christine Hilton

 The John Mauger Trophy for “Best Amateur Restoration” - Alex and Amanda Phillips with ‘Nesta’

Boat Handling Trophy for “Most skilful boat handling’ - Ed White with ‘Lemara’

The Silver Salver: for the best TVBC boat of the year: ‘Gelyce’ 

The Silver Salver was presented to Evelyn Lewis on behalf of her owner     


The following are award winners that could not attend the AGM

Illuminated Cruise Trophy: “Best TVBC presentation in the Trad Festival 2018” – Andy Jenkinson and ‘Glitterwake’ 

The Longest Cruise:  Tony Goodhead and ‘St. Joan’ who circumnavigated the UK, raising funds       for the RNLI and RAF100 Charities.

Best new TVBC boat at the Trad Rally: ‘Lady Emma’ owned by Simon McMurtrie  


Skittles champions 2019: Karen and David Guy (‘Harmonie 3’)


There followed a presentation to Jane Percival in recognition of the service she has given the Thames Vintage Boat Club over the past nine years as Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore and Commodore and as the Boater Editor.


The meeting was closed by the Commodore, Patrick Prince at 5.15 pm.

Theresa Scrutton
Hon Secretary
8th April 2019



New Club Regalia!

A new range of crew wear for the membership has long been overdue and the inspiration for the new range came about after buying merchandise at the Trad Rally, supplied and embroidered by "Shipshape" Their range of quality clothing- including "Regatta" and "Gildan" - will provide us with a core range of hardwearing, practical boating attire, embroidered with our latest logo, that will further our promotional efforts of the TVBC whenever we are seen out on the water (or in a watering hole!)

Although the cream & brown club colours for Burgees, "The Boater" magazine and other stationery remains appropriate, it has not proved to be very popular or practical, especially as outer garments. I still have large stocks of the cream colour polo shirts that remain unsold and they are a devil to wash after a BBQ! We have therefore opted for navy blue outer garments and retained a cream polo shirt, but a deeper colour that will blend in with our new, heavy brushed cotton cap.

The range available enables us to expand and make changes as demand dictates and the intention is to place an order on a monthly basis and distribute the orders at club events or by post, as required. Our supplier can embroider almost anything, so we have introduced a club tie in silk and a canvas holdall for those weekends at club rallies.

The merchandise includes the club logo and is competitively priced in comparison to fellow yacht clubs using quality brands. Post & packing charges will be kept to a minimum, averaging £3.60 for a parcel containing a fleece and a burgee. An order form is available below to enable new and existing members to combine their clothing, burgee and plaque order all together.

We can even introduce cut glass Champagne flutes for those lazy afternoons at the Trad Rally!

So please,  have a browse and let me know what you think. Email me at:  janepercival@icloud.com

For the Illustrated Catalogue and Order Form - Click Here

To Access the new TVBC Database of Club Boats

To access the new database containing details of all TVBC Boats you must be a paid-up TVBC Member. Please email me, the Webmaster, at mike@phillipsweb.co.uk and I will send you a password. Many boats have large photos, and we are working to eventually have photos for all. UPDATE: The latest "Boater" magazine has the password to enable access for all members.

Annual Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fees are due by 15th of January of each year and are payable by
  (1) a Standing Order (preferred) - Standing Order forms are available for download here and here, and will commence payments on 15th January 2013 if sent off in time.
  (2)  a Bank Transfer to the club account: Sort Code 40-38-04 Account number 31380656 (Label it TVBC Annual Fee)
  (3)  a cheque made payable to "TVBC" posted to: The Treasurer, Peter Scrutton, 12 Ferndale Avenue, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9RB
Annual Membership Fees are £20 for Associate Members (who do not own a qualifying vintage boat) and £30 for Full Members and what were formerly classed as Family Members (now included under the umbrella title of Full Members)Full membership covers all family members living under the same roof (such as husband, wife and children).
Please make life easy for our Hon. Treasurer by paying on time!