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The scrolling banner above consists of over a hundred photos illustrating our TVBC boats and other functions. Enjoy!
Join the TVBC! You can now join the club online using the Application Form HERE.
If you don't have an Eligible Boat, then join as an Associate Member and attend all functions!


   The Thames Vintage Boat Club was founded at Old Windsor in March 1983 to provide a club and forum for all types of traditionally built craft; to seek to encourage their restoration, maintenance, and above all, their use, and also to produce and maintain an historical record of all traditional craft on the river Thames. If you love boats such as those shown above, you should be a member! (See below for link to Membership Application Form)
   Now in our fifth decade, we can look back on a remarkable success in our aims over the past years. We have around 300 members (and growing) and our boat membership is around 250, amongst which will be found the finest builds and restorations anywhere (some of our boats are shown above, together with photos from many of our club functions over the years). Our members include most of the reputable boat builders on the upper Thames, noted experts on engines, design, boat types and history, and many gifted amateurs.
   We provide a very lively social calendar both on and off the water, and a friendly environment for all, from the interested to the enthusiast and from individuals to families.  Our club burgee, boaters, sweatshirts and badges are distinctive and a familiar sight on the river Thames.
   We also have one of the lowest annual subscriptions of any boating club. If you have a real interest in traditional boats, or just like being around them, you will find a welcome with the TVBC. Speak to any of our members flying the TVBC burgee (buff and brown with our logo), and they will be pleased to meet and inform you.
   Alternatively call or email any of our Honorary Secretary or Membership Officers listed below and they will be very happy to help you.  

How The TVBC Was Born

   1983 The Thames Vintage Boat Club had its genesis at Wilson's Boat-yard, Robin Newlands
Sunbury, early in  1983, where Paul Skerritt and Mike Ayling were working on Paul's boat 'Knave of Hearts'. They were discussing the idea of forming a club when Robin Newlands happened to pass by. The discussion continued, but it was not until the end of the year that things started to happen.
   Paul Skerritt, who was involved with the Vintage Motorboat Club of Great Britain, called at Robin's house to suggest the setting up of a Thames branch. But Robin, who had collected the names and addresses of 80 or 90 traditional boats for the Thames Traditional Boat Rally, was determined that any new club should be a Thames club in its own right.
   The first real meeting was on December 30, when five people - Roger Browne, Robin Newlands, Martine Bailey, John Hone and Peter Skerritt - agreed that those present, together with Kit Cuthbert, Mike Ayling and Frank Bandey, would be known as the founders. The purpose and principles of the Club were discussed and a constitution based on that of the RYA was agreed. 
(Photo: Robin Newlands - Founder - receiving an award for 30 yrs of service in 2019)

Wise Folly1984 A second meeting was held on January 20, 1984, at which Robin was designated Commodore. It was agreed that a newsletter called 'The Boater' should be issued bi-monthly.
   Recruitment of founder members began in order to raise funds to pay for flags, plaques and regalia. An advert was placed in boating magazines asking for a forty pound subscription
. Among those who responded were Tony and Sandra Sanders. Sandra recalls that after paying the money she heard nothing for a few weeks and when she rang Mike was told "we haven't got started yet."
   A meeting was held at the Sanders' house and a list of about 70 people who had responded to the advert was drawn up.
   On June 4, 1984
, the inaugural meeting was held at the Quarter Deck Club attached to John Crevald's Boatyard
at Windsor. The first boat to join the TVBC was 'Wise Folly', owned by Robin Newlands, a 28ft 6in Budden and Hart-built gentleman's launch of 1915, which originally belonged to the owner of the Elephant and Castle. She has the plaque TVET01. (She underwent a major restoration very recently at Dennett's boatyard and currently looks magnificent).
(Photo: Wise Folly in the early 1980s with Robin and his family on board)

  The Aims of the Club
1  Encourage the restoration and preservation of vintage craft.
2  Collate such information as is necessary to compile a detailed register of boats as an historical record. (Now digitized).
3  Encourage and facilitate the exchange of information between owners.
4  Provide a membersí club which will further and widen the interests and participation of people in all aspects of traditional boating.

  How To Join The TVBC
    You can now join the club online using the Application Form HERE. All instructions are on the form. You will need to send a good up-to-date photo of your boat (if you have a qualifying boat) in the highest resolution possible as a JPG file attached to an email, or by WeTransfer (a free app) to our Membership Officer: Peter Scrutton  at: memberships@thamesvintageboatclub.com (Tel: 01932 560 981, Address: 12 Ferndale Avenue, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9RB).
   If you do not own a vintage or traditional boat you are still welcome to join using the same procedure and become an Associate Member, receive the magazine, and attend all club functions.
   Our annual subscription fees are some of the lowest of any club: - 30 pounds for Full Membership and only 20 pounds for Associate Membership. If your application is accepted you will be sent a Welcoming Pack with all needed details, your membership number, and a copy of our magazine "The Boater" and you will be WELCOMED ABOARD!

Our TVBC Facebook Page
Our Facebook Page is a relatively new addition, but is proving very popular. It is a "closed group" but you are welcome to visit it, and it is easy to apply for entry to the group. If you scroll down the many earlier entries of photos and postings, you will find a treasure-trove of boating facts and history. Also if you need help or advice regarding your boat or your boating, then this is the place to go. We encourage everyone to post anything of interest to the community! Go to "The TVBC Facebook Page"

The "Boater" Magazine
   Our magazine "The Boater" , mailed free to members three times yearly, keeps us all in touch and is much admired, with club news, technical and historic articles, colour photos and much more. Every member of the club is encouraged to contribute articles or other content for "The Boater", so bearing in mind the wealth of talent and experience in boat building and restoration, plus cruising both rivers and seas, that exists within our membership, "The Boater" magazine is a very good read. A selection of articles is on this site for you to enjoy - see Navigation Bar above. NEW: Download a recent issue in full, in PDF format HERE

The TVBC Waterside Events
   Each year large numbers of our boats gather at the  TTBR Traditional Boat Festival (previously titled the Thames Traditional Boat Rally) for a magnificent club display in the sail-pasts. Those interested in the club should visit our TVBC stand, and relax whilst learning more about us, and view the large photographic display of our activities and our members' craft. If you wish, you can apply for membership there and then.  (Trad Boat Festival  web site:  www.tradboatfestival.com )
   We hold several full Club Rallies on the upper Thames each year; (See full photo coverage in our "Club Album" page on the menu bar) the first at Hedsor Water, beside Cookham Lock, at the beginning of June , the second at Hurley Lock in July, then the third at Hedsor Water during the weekdays following on from the TTBR, then the fourth at Boveney Lock at the end of August. (**See updated calendar for 2023)
   Our Club Calendar page gives details of these and other activities. Feel free to write to the Hon. Secretary for more details.

To Access the TVBC Database of Traditional Boats
   To access the new database containing details of all TVBC Boats you must be a paid-up TVBC Member. Please email me, the Webmaster, at mike@phillipsweb.co.uk and I will send you a password.
   Many boats have large photos, and we are working to eventually have photos for all. NOTE: Members' details are not available due to new data protection regulations.


The Thames Vintage Boat Club: 
Flag Officers and Officers (2022).


John Llewellyn 

Patrick Prince 
  Email: patrickeprince2@gmail.com

Vice Commodore
David Lister

Rear Commodore
Jane Percival  

Theresa Scrutton Tel: 08454 672428
  Email: honsec@thamesvintageboatclub.com

Hon. Treasurer
Peter Scrutton 

Mike Phillips 
Mike Phillips 
  Email  mike@phillipsweb.co.uk

Membership Secretaries
Peter & Theresa Scrutton - 
 Tel: 08454 672428 - Email: memberships@thamesvintageboatclub.com

"Boater" Magazine Editor
Jane Percival 
  Email: janepercival@icloud.com

"Boater" Deputy Editor
Mike Phillips 
  Email  mike@phillipsweb.co.uk

Committee Members

Phillip & Pam Chart
David Knight
Hannah Farrell




We Welcome New Members!   
Please complete the online application form (see below).
If you have any queries, please contact Theresa on
memberships@thamesvintageboatclub.com or ring 08454 672428

NOTE: You can now join the club online using the Application Form HERE. All instructions are on the form.

Please enjoy the rest of the site and pass our site address on to any boating friends.