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The Hedsor Water Rally at Cookham Lock in May 2021

This was a new venturefor the club, as we had not moored there before. It was in fact suggested to us by Danny, the Cookham Lock Keeper. It turned out to be one of the best grass bank moorings for a club rally on the entire river Thames.
Simple to find, as you approach Cookham Lock going upriver you bear off to starboard into the large weir stream, and that is known as "Hedsor Water". There are excellent deep moorings all along the left hand bank.
Coming from upriver, you pass through Cookham Lock and then immediately turn hard round to port, and you have arrived at Hedsor Water.

Overhead view (above) and (below) showing  the mooring spaces along the left bank.

(Below) Some photos from the 2021 TVBC Rally

The moorings are deep enough even for large motor cruisers

Trimming the foliage at the top end

Club boats along the moorings

"Nydia" mooring up

One of our most successful rallies ever and attended by 13 club members boats, including 7 who are also members of the Association of Dunkirk Little ships. A good time was had by all!
List of attendees:
Miss Coquette - Patrick (Commodore); Snowgoose of Breydon- Di and Toby;  Nydia – Janine and Malcolm;  Clarella - Mike and Moira;  Lady Evelyn II – Carolyn and Brian;  Lucy Ann – Peter and Theresa;  Lady Lou – Katrina and Ian;  Lady of Mann – Matt & Rebecca;  Gay Venture – Heather, Steven and family;  St. Joan – Hannah, Philip;  Breda – Alain, Michael and friends;  D’River – David;  Margo II– Dave and Susan
Cookham Lock has excellent facilites including toilets, water, Elsan disposal, rubbish disposal, and easy access to Cookham Village with lots of pubs and restaurants.


The Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant 2012

The TVBC Played a Major Part in the Pageant!

Jubilee Pageant before start
Moored up before the start. The rowing boats are passing us to take up station ahead.

It was remarkable that we had all our Flag Officers, plus Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster all in the Pageant! Also Committee members Grant,and Lynda Kinnaird,  Jim Jackson (on Mimosa), and Patrick Prince was crewing somewhere with the ADLS! The list of TVBC Club Members with their boats in the Pageant follows:

TVBC Commodore Adam Toop, 'Islay';
David Lister TVBC Vice-Commodore, 'Lady Genevieve'; Peter and Theresa Scrutton, 'Lucy Ann';
Brian and Carolyn Smethurst, 'Lady Evelyn II';
Tony Goodhead, 'St Joan';
Jonathan Sheldon, 'Magic Rose';
Quentin Hoodless, 'Lady Bea';
Mark Stanley, 'Louis Phillipe';
Gillian Nahum, 'New Venture';
Graham Mackereth, 'Daphne';
Nick Perfect, 'Maria Kristina';
Robert Glagut, 'Nenemoosha'.

Simon Palmer, 'Hilfranor';
Ian Gilbert, 'Papillon';
Trevor Phillips, 'Tom Tit';
John Calvert, 'L'Orage';
Colin Messer and Jane Percival, TVBC Rear Commodore, 'Mimosa'.

Chris Ashton, 'Atta Boy'.

Alan and Sue Stewart, 'Colne 1923';
Martin and Carol Steggles, 'Sabrina';
David Williams, 'Alaska'.

Grant and Lynda Kinnaird, 'Dorset Dunlin'.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant
Adam Toop's "Islay" in foreground with "St Joan" on the right.


The Boveney Lock Rally (July 30th and 31st 2011)

Click here for my Photo Album online

The TVBC Boveney Rally

 Rodney and Daphne in “Cera” were the first to arrive at the Boveney rally site (which is on the EA moorings on the downriver side of Boveney Lock island) on Friday, followed by Carol and Martin in “Arcadia”, Jim and Christine in “Pourquoi Pas”, Martin and Carol in “Sabrina” and later on “Mimosa” with Colin and our Rear Commodore Jane on board. Patrick arrived in “Miss Coquette” some time later, and the gazebos, lights, furniture and barbecues were set up by Colin, Jim, Martin, Patrick and others.  

Moira and I arrived in “Deux Poissons” at the upriver end of Boveney lock on Saturday afternoon, and were confronted with a very long queue of boats. Adam, our Commodore arrived in “Rainbow” and decided to moor at the upstream end of the lock, rather than wait in the long queue, as did David Driver in D’River. The weather was fine and sunny. Eventually we got through and joined the other boats. On arrival our Perkins diesel engine started behaving strangely, and I correctly diagnosed fuel starvation. The fuel gauge said half full, but when Martin and I dipped the tank, we found it empty! Martin and his son Stuart, who was visiting, then very kindly magicked up two ten-gallon cans of diesel to help us out. Fortunately no air had got into the fuel system and we avoided the laborious and messy job of bleeding the engine of air. 

Later on Saturday  we were joined by a number of members and guests coming by car, including John (Boater editor) and Jeanine, and Robin, our club president.  That evening we all had an excellent barbecue and carried on into the night drinking and chatting.  

At the Boveney Rally

Sunday was another warm sunny day. “Sabrina” departed early for the trip home. During the morning Patrick appeared from the EA shower block looking very cross. At the exact point when he was covered in soap, the water supply had ceased completely, due to the fact that a barge had moored up at the nearby water point and was filling its tanks. It seems the water supply to the island is completely inadequate, and when a boat comes to take on water, the shower ceases to function! The remedy I guess is to shower very late or very early! 

After lunch Toby and Di in “Snowgoose of Breydon” and Peter and Sue in “Perrapin” arrived, and stayed for a few hours. As the day drew on a number of boats left for the trip back home, leaving “Cera”, “Arcadia”, “Pourquoi Pas” and us to enjoy another warm evening of  barbecue, wine and good company. 

On Monday morning we packed up all the club gear and stowed it on “Arcadia” as Martin and Carol had kindly volunteered to take it to the Cookham rally.

A very enjoyable club rally with good attendance and excellent weather on a very pleasant site. Next year, due to the Olympic rowing at Dorney lake and the associated tight security, we may have to move this rally to a new venue. We would welcome any ideas for a (temporary) new venue. Answers by email please!

 On Mimosa at Boveney

All Photos Copyright Mike Phillips

The Cookham Lock Island Rally (August 27th to 29th 2011 - Bank holiday)

Click here for my Photo Album online 

At the Cookham Rally

I think “informal and friendly” sums up this rally. You really are missing out if you don’t come to this event! The setting is idyllic, and the charming village of Cookham is a short walk away (or a short ferry trip with David Driver in “D’River”).

 The preceding weather was pretty dire, but mostly fine and sunny over the weekend itself. Moira and I were first to arrive on Friday afternoon in “Deux Poissons”, followed by “Arcadia”. A short while later “Pourquoi Pas”, and “Cera” arrived and moored at the head of the island (a lovely spot for the sunset). Then David Driver arrived in his small launch “D’River”, low in the water from a huge cargo of enormous logs for the bonfire! (How David gets these on board by himself is a mystery!) Shortly after that “Mimosa” arrived with Jane the Rear Commodore, and crew.  The evening was warn and sunny as we put up the two large gazebos and set up the camp.

 We were turning in for the night when we heard an outboard buzzing past, which turned out to be Patrick in “Miss Coquette” arriving in the dark, after supper and a pint at the Ferry pub, just across the weir stream.

 Saturday was pleasant with just a brief shower. Our President, Robin Newlands arrived on foot, and shortly after that “Snowgoose of Breydon” joined us followed by “Sabrina” and in the evening our Treasurer, Peter, and Theresa in “Lucy Ann”. John (Boater editor) and Jeanine Llewellyn arrived on foot as did more members with guests and family. We lit the line of barbecues and after a struggle with wet wood, finally got the large bonfire roaring away (thanks to Stuart!). Jim provided a very neat gas-powered generator for the strings of lights, and we all had a very pleasant evening.

Round the bonfire

 On Sunday (after the usual brief shower) we had a brief visit from Lady Lucy, and the welcome arrival of our Commodore Adam Toop on foot. It was of course the day of the Belgian Grand Prix and I set up a TV under the gazebos for us F1 addicts. Well done to Jenson Button! Shortly after that Jane appeared with three bottles of champagne, and we all drank a toast to Peter Messer, long time boater and club member, who, in spite of a very taxing illness had somehow made it on board Mimosa, and managed to join us at the rally. Peter made an amusing yet moving speech. We wish him a speedy return to good health.

 During the day a constant stream of club members and friends arrived on foot, including Jonathan Sheldon (Magic Rose), Fiona and Mick (Lady Petite), and others that I must apologise for forgetting! Peter and Sue (Perrapin) came to join us, having just retuned from their honeymoon. Many congratulations to you both!

 The barbecues were lit once again and the large bonfire (the hallmark of this event) coaxed into roaring action. As usual we all ended up in a big happy circle around the fire in the summer night, consuming our various tipples and enjoying the company of friends.

 Monday was “strike camp” day, in no particular hurry, and all the equipment and paraphernalia was packed on board “Mimosa” for return to the club store. Around lunchtime our Vice Commodore David Lister arrived in lady Genevieve with his family and stayed for a while. That left us, in “Deux Poissons”, and Carol and Martin in “Arcadia”. We cast off, went through the lock, and cruised down Cliveden Reach, to stop overnight at our favourite island, before returning home on Tuesday.

 To sum up, a great time was had by all. See you there next year!

Goodbye from Cookham Rally!
All Photos Copyright Mike Phillips

    Some Interesting Facts about "Father Thames" that perhaps you never knew: 


    Mapledurham corn mill, from the 15th century, is the only water mill still working on the Thames.

    A medicinal spring, reputedly good for "corns, ulcers and sore eyes", flows at Goring. 

    A drop of rain falling into the Thames at its source (in the Cotswolds) will have been drunk by 8 people before it reaches the sea.

    One inch of rain on the Thames catchment is enough water to make five rivers as big as the Thames is at Henley

    Suffragettes burned down the church at Wargrave in 1914 because the vicar refused to remove the word "obey" from the marriage service.

    St Mary's Abbey in the sleepy village of Medmenham in Buckinghamshire, is reputed to be one of the homes of the orgiastic Hell Fire Club in the late18th century. 

    Dorney Court at Dorney Reach, just past Bray, was where the first pineapple was grown in Britain and presented to King Charles II.St. John's Lock at Lechlade, is the highest on the Thames, 250 feet above sea level.

    Radcot Bridge, north of Faringdon, is a triple arched 12th century bridge, which has foundations that may date back to Saxon times. It is the oldest surviving bridge across the Thames.

    Swan Upping takes place in the 3rd week of July, the responsibility of the Queen's Swan Marker, David Barber of Cookham, whose father held the position for 41 years. All the swans are the property of the Queen, or one of two livery companies - the Dyers or the Vintners. The swan uppers identify and tag the new generation of cygnets; those belonging to the livery companies are tagged - the Queen's are unmarked. 

    It is reputed that Richard the Lionheart first introduced the swans to the Thames from Cyprus.

    Maidenhead, originally Maidenhythe, is famous for its two bridges, the road bridge built of Portland stone and Brunel's brick railway bridge, also known as the "Sounding Arch" for its amazing echo. The railway bridge has the widest brick-built spans in the world.

    Bray Film Studio, just past Bray Marina, is where the Hammer House of Horror films were made.span>

    Across the river at Runnymede is a US Air Forces Memorial and the John F Kennedy Memorial set in an acre of England given to the American people.

    (From an article found on the internet from an unknown source) 



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